How Do Women Benefit From Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Estrogen and Progesterone are female steroid chemicals that straightforwardly influence a lady’s sex drive, monthly cycle and pregnancy. At the point when ladies experience menopause, the presence of these chemicals starts to decrease. To treat the symptoms of menopause, specialists since the 1930’s have utilized chemical substitution treatment of estrogen and progesterone. Notwithstanding, it is as of late that the chemical generally connected with male steroids, testosterone, has been distinguished as a significant component of female chemical substitution treatment too, working out positively past menopausal medicines.

Testosterone in Ladies

Ladies produce testosterone in their adrenal organ (like men) and in their ovaries. In any case, the sum created is roughly one-10th how much men. What’s more, very much like their male partners, ladies produce the most testosterone in while in their 20’s. Then, at that point, the levels fundamentally drop after menopause. Similarly, ladies who have gone through a hysterectomy and respective oophorectomy (expulsion of the two ovaries) lose testosterone levels.

How Does Testosterone Help Ladies?


Very much like with men, testosterone supports a lady’s sex drive. In tests done, the degrees of testosterone in ladies ascend as they become physically excited, and decline post climax. Ladies with lower happening levels of testosterone frequently experience low or no drive.

Strength and Wellness

At the point when men have low testosterone levels, one of the vitally secondary effects is losing bulk and acquiring unreasonable stomach fat. Ladies, as soon as 10 years preceding menopause, begin losing testosterone and furthermore gain stomach fat. Concentrates on finished somewhat recently have found that ladies given testosterone under these conditions had the option to keep a better weight and muscle tone.


Testosterone lifts the degrees of norepinephrine in the Testosterone Cream for Sale mind which has an invigorating and stimulant effect. Lower testosterone levels likewise add to weariness. Ladies with ordinary degrees of testosterone experience better temperaments.

When Should Ladies Get Testosterone Substitution Treatment?

Most ladies who need testosterone substitution treatment are encountering menopause and, in this way, losing their normal levels of the steroid. More youthful ladies who have had a hysterectomy or potentially reciprocal oophorectomy and never again can deliver testosterone likewise benefit from getting the chemical. Similarly, ladies experiencing Addison’s sickness or adrenal glitch can never again deliver typical levels of the chemical.

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